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Depending on the increase in the number of people, alternative solutions have been created in sectors such as traffic, residence, education and health in big cities. Cities, which are getting more crowded every day, try to overcome these problems with the participation of new service sectors. Shipping services have also produced alternative policies for fast and trouble-free shipping by adapting itself to the era, the city and technology. The main task of the courier is to deliver the shipment to the recipient. This shipment sometimes requires a large vehicle, sometimes a motorcycle, and sometimes is large enough to be transported on foot. According to the size of the post, it is divided into groups such as pedestrians, motorcycles and cars. However, considering the large number of companies in big cities, shipments are mostly documents and documents. As Ekspress Courier, it is our basic principle to deliver all kinds of documents to the desired location in a reliable manner. In order to keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level, we offer services with different shipping methods. We have four delivery options: Moto Courier, Express Courier, Emergency Courier and Trolley Courier. Our main goal is to make you feel special.